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We carry a wide range of aluminum projection beams and rigging accessories that are sure to meet your job site requirements.

Our Projection Beams Offer:

Light Weight
    - An aluminum 8' beam weighs only 32 pounds

    - 1000 lb. capacity at 46" reach with standard 8’ front section.

    - 1500 lb. at 30" reach.
    - With a 10’ front section and an 8’ splice these aluminum beams can provide 1000 lb. capacity at
      60" reach.

Easy to Assemble
    - pins together using the pins already attached to the internal splice. (no tools)
    - Rear sections are slotted to accept counter weights.
    - Extension beams and weight saddles are available.

These lightweight projection beams offer quick setup and dismantle, easy storage and a variety of options not available with steel, making them the obvious choice. Aluminum beams provide strength and resistance to torsion as well as lateral stability that a conventional “I” beam out rigger does not.

The cable truss system will allow a maximum reach of up to 8 ft. at a 1000 lbs. capacity. The beam setup uses four standard 8 ft. sections and a cable truss support assembly.

Beam Stands are used to support the load of the outrigger beams when the parapet wall is not strong enough to support the necessary load requirements.

- 42" Height (gets over most railings)
- Adjusts to the angle of the beam
- Galvanized steel construction
- Accepts both primary and secondary beam

These fully engineer designed components allow up to a 5 ft. down and 4 ft. return system that is fully adjustable for those situations where you have to get out, down and around an overhang.

System is made up of two galvanized steel corner braces and two aluminum beam sections that adjust to the required dimensions.

The return Beam system simply attaches to a regular extension beam for roof support.

These vary versatile beam dollies adjust position of out riggers from 32 to 48 inches in height and come complete with dual pivoting pneumatic wheels that also lock into position for safety and stability.

- Weight 94 lbs.

These super lightweight parapet clamps (60 lbs.) are sure to help get the job done faster and easier. They have a 1000lb capacity at up to a 22-inch reach and will adjust to fit a parapet, up to 24 inches thick. These clamps also have a rear safety tieback point.

Lightweight aluminum and steel cage weighs only 100 lbs. Accepts all single bar hoist pick-ups and has a 750 lb. capacity.